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Restaurant “Tourist” refers to the hotel complex “Tourist” in Kharkov. Located at: Moskovsky ave., 144, near the metro station “Palace of Sports” (formerly “Marshal Zhukov”). Such a location makes this enterprise the most accessible for residents and visitors of the city of Kharkov.
The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the hotel. It consists of a sales room with 48 seats and two banquet rooms with 12 seats and 14 seats. In the lobby of the restaurant there are dressing rooms and a wardrobe for receiving outerwear.
According to the level of service and the nomenclature of the services provided, the “Tourist” restaurant is assigned class 1.
The restaurant administration pays great attention to the aesthetic design of the hall. Ornamental plants, paintings, video and audio equipment were purchased. The modern design of the hall, original lighting, comfortable furniture make the hall homely and attractive. The restaurant is open from 7 to 24 hours.
Visitors are served on a free or comprehensive menu. Menus are located in the restaurant’s hall on the tables. The complex menu eats visitors who live in the Tourist Hotel (Kharkov) and buy tickets from the administrator. The cost of food is – 90.00 UAH.
Settlement of meals according to the complex menu is made by coupons. On the free according to the menu, the invoice issued by the waiter and the cash receipt.
In the kitchen, cooks with extensive experience, with qualified training, work. A varied restaurant menu can satisfy the most sophisticated customer requests.
Restaurant “Tourist” accepts orders for servicing celebrations, weddings, anniversaries.
To create a comfortable microclimate of the hall, an air conditioning system works with automatic maintenance of optimal temperature and humidity parameters.
The music service of the restaurant is varied and designed for a wide range of consumers. It includes the performance of vocal and instrumental ensembles, soloists and the use of sound and video reproducing equipment, a computer, as well as youth discos using light music.

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